Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire

It’s time to pay attention. Again.

Love it or hate it, Bitcoin is sending smoke signals and the message is crystal clear — Bitcoin is honest and useful money.

Formerly derided because the network is apolitical, and shunned because its origins are mysterious, Bitcoin is now being embraced by respected figures in financial markets.

Let’s have a look at who said what in just the last month.

Why are these esteemed names all aligning with Bitcoin? Simply put, they understand it as being advantageous and trustworthy. It offers them optionality for the future: the power to decide their own fate.

Why does this matter?

We live in an increasingly uncertain world marred by the myopic directives of monetary and fiscal authorities, which: i) inject baseless currency into the economy; ii) do not prevent waste or promote prudence, and iii) unfairly burden private citizens — all of us!

History teaches us that authorities who dictate such policies without restraint are… dangerous. To avoid the ugly fate that their fiat systems portend, concerned citizens are understandably looking for tools to forge a better path forward.

(Starting to smell the smoke?)

As a robust monetary system standing on its own two legs without any corporate or government sponsorship (and, when necessary, in opposition to them), which does not cater to special interests, cannot lie, and cannot cheat, Bitcoin offers a viable and ideal alternative.

This makes Bitcoin both advantageous and trustworthy — two words that cannot possibly be used to describe the world’s current monetary and fiscal regimes.

Why should you care?

Because money is a force for social engineering.

The fiat monetary system plays favorites, unfairly rewarding those that are influential, not those who sincerely outperform. This directly results in suboptimal socio-economic outcomes.

Bitcoin, meanwhile, is a perpetual incentive mechanism, which promotes collaboration and justly rewards meaningful productivity, while enforcing a set of incorruptible principles — something that our world is sorely lacking at the moment.

For the most part, people work hard for their money. I like to think most of them would prefer to reliably save some for the future.

With fiat currency, the value of your savings is all but assured to be destroyed in time.

With bitcoin, the opposite is true. It is entirely possible for the purchasing power of your money to increase over time — what a novel concept!

(Can you see the fire burning yet?)

While a portion of the improved outlook on bitcoin is being attributed to covid, which accelerated our socio-economic transition into the digital domain, Bitcoin has long been leading this paradigm shift… it’s just that its benefits are now more relevant than ever.

For years, a growing, globally scattered, culturally and professionally diverse group of individuals have been stoking its flames — doing everything in their power to highlight Bitcoin’s integrity and utility.

This is the case not because of some directive or mandate, but because it is recognized as being in our mutual best interest.

Bitcoin heralds a brighter future for everyone, and like they say — we’re all in this together.

So, if you’re seeking shelter from the cruelty and coldness of the fiat world, Bitcoin will be here for you when you’re ready.

As one prominent new Bitcoiner recently said, “Satoshi started a fire in cyberspace.”

Well… the fire is warm and roaring. Join us.



Author of Magic Internet Money: A Book About Bitcoin

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